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          It’s actually late here and I have a 12 hour shift tomorrow so I’m out! If you sent me a symbol then I’ll reply to it tomorrow! Oh and I’d like to thank the academy (aka everyone) for helping me to revive [points at my Leon muse] this ass, ) )

suuima whispered:
A-Arigatou, Kuwata-kun...~

     Is Asahina defense squad a thing ‘cuz if it wasn’t then it is now an’ I’m the one runnin’ it since Asahina-chan is a princess an’ must be protected at all costs!


     But naw, if anyone will ever kick you outta your comfort-zone - feel free to gimme a call an’ I’ll kick ‘em into the pain-zone.


     The next time I’ll see anyone throwin’ a pervy comment at a gal without it bein’ shitty pick-up line — I’ll personally stuff their pie-hole with my oldest baseball bat.

匿名 whispered:
you'd dick up asahina real good wouldn't you? ;)


     Ya better take the closest soup bar an’ wash your filthy mouth. Or hands. Actually you shoudda take a dip in holy water ‘cause man, you are THE FILTH! I admit that Asahina got a nice body but, she’s the type of girl with a golden personality … she’s kind-hearted, sweet, smart an’ it’s nice to be in her company. You oughtta be a downright first class jackass to take interest ONLY in her body an’ thinkin’ only ‘bout how to get her in your bed. Nothin’ of this sort crossed my mind, actually. It’s also ‘cause she’s my friend, an’ I respect her an’ I don’t like it when creepers throw nasty words at my friends or try to drag me inta some sorta sick fantasy sooooo …

     Shoo, shoo.

inegotism whispered:
6. Do you love me?


     When your months are numbered, you begin to question yourself deep questions such as, is there life after death? Why did God create Chinchillas? Do pistols belong in bed? Who actually killed Nancy Spungen? And where in the world is Waldo?

     The redhead was laying on the cold hard ground and looked up at the individual who hovered above him. Looking closely, he managed to recognize the figure as his faithful brother. Now the questions that arises is why he, Leon Kuwata, is laying on the ground? Why is he covered by dark, sticky substance … ? Is he… is he dying or did just slip on something and all the god damn chocolate syrup he purchased ended up spilling on him? What is this … light he sees?

                    So many questions, so little time.

     Tears started streaming down his cheeks, washing with them his perfectly drawn eye-liner. The action followed by gross sobbing and muffled chanting of ‘I can see the light’. Grabbing Hinata by the collar of his shirt, Leon pulled him closer so his words could reach the other’s ears, attempting not to choke on his cries,

    — “D-do you love me……?”, actually he meant to ask the other to turn down the light but hearing somebody talking to him works too. And that question was probably important.

     Kind of.

     A little.


Random Mun Facts

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1. What’s your name? Seccom.
2. When is your birthday? September 6th …
3. Where are you from? Saint Petersburg.
4. Have a crush? I have a gigantic crush on Johnny Depp tbh.
5. What’s your favorite color? Neon colors.
6. Write something in caps? WHAT ARE THESE EGGS???!!!
7. Got a favorite band/artist? Of Monsters and Men, Blood Diamonds, The Naked and Famous, Crystal Castles, Kate Bush, Алексе́й Глы́зин, Queen, Sex Pistols, The Clash and many more music I LOVE music I
8. Favorite number? 11037
9. Favorite drink? Cherry juice.

10. Tag Ten People:jojoincontrol, inegotism, riderdelivery, lunaticfangs, idolgore

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… Oh. It sounds interesting, I’d like to read how people would continue stories coming from my favorite movies.


Er, I guess that’s how humans imagination. Nothing can be worse than furry though.

     I think you coudda do that! People usually woudda write down fanfiction ‘bout movies, books an’ so on. Oh, an’ they usually publish ‘em on the net - on their blogs, websites an’ whatnot.

     … I thought “Stalin’s Adventures in Heaven” was bad but what’s furry? … do I want to know what’s a furry it doesn’t sound all that invitin’ for some reason.


That doesn’t count. I can’t bring this into the house without it drawing a lot of attention. 

     Just say that you got a scratch on your big-ass chest, they’ll understand.

TRACK NAME: Used To Love Her
ARTIST: Guns N' Roses