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glassmemoir whispered:
I wan' tha bonus ya promised me.

     ░▒   "… you sure ain’t wastin’ any time, huh. C’mere.”, he merely gave a small tug at her arm before pressing Nicole’s body to his. Placing his hands on the small of her back, Leon nuzzled her neck before planting a few small kisses on her cheek.


     Yeah, he could totally aim elsewhere and he’d love to, but maybe kissing your friends on the lips right off the bat would make them uncomfortable and the baseball-player isn’t gonna hit his closest friends outta their comfort-zone. Jesus Christ — is it getting hot in here or is he blushing like a 17 year old girl on prom night? Probably the latter— yeah, the latter. Blushing while giving out cheek kisses is totally not cool but maybe she wouldn’t notice.

     … and even if she would he could bluff and say that it’s a sunburn or something.

[6/22/2014 4:37:07 AM] SECCOM: yeah like have yOU READ CHAPTER 1 it was literally
Leon: *gets a letter* aw yeaH gonna get some ass tonite.
Leon goes to sayakas room. SUPPOSEDLY sayakas room
Knock knock here comes my cock ;^)>
The door was open. he opens it and sees saya lying seductivly on the bed half-dressed. he closes the door after him and EVER SO CASUALLY hovers on top of her and is o bby ive loved u long time and unzips him pants
Sayaka nods and pulls out a knife
Leon zips his pants back up

mankillings whispered:
the possibilities are endless... not only what are, 5- but what are, 6 and what are, 7? the numbers are taking over the world...


     ….. what’re you smokin’.

mankillings whispered:
what are, 5?


     Maizono, no.


*Touches Hinata’s chest* …….. I’m havin’ a religious experience. *Pats the chest, un.. gay.. ly.*


….Thanks, Kuwata.


    — “Y-you weren’t supposed to— uh……… hi?”


          13 from 100 followers. how did i get there so fast? ( °٢° )


typhonicus whispered:
Dear best friend,



Dear Leon,
Look Leon, I saw you just the other day. And listen up buddy boy, why is my hoodie missing?
You know, the cute pink one with the bunny ears?
I want it back! I'll buy you one of your own, but it has my lotion in the pocket, the cherry blossom one.
And I have the biggest feeling you're going to use it all.
You know, for a're pretty adorable. But it's still mine and I want it back! If you do, I'll let you keep Kazma for a night. I know how much you love him. And how much you coddle him when we're supposed to be playing games together.
--Sometimes I think you love that bunny more than keeping me safe from zombie hordes.
                   --The "brains" of our operations: Nicole
altraa whispered:
"K-Kuwata-san," The nurse called out, a bit frantic as she ran up to catch him, a hand resting on his shoulder before quickly retracting. "Ah I... I well uhm... I a-apologize about this, but I was t-told I must kiss you... s-so..." She hesitated, heat rushing to her cheeks before she leaned in, pressing soft kips against the corner of his mouth before stepping back. Way back. Entire face aflame. "S-Sorry."

     ░▒   His vivid-blue eyes widened at the sudden physical-contact and he parted his lips to speak only to be silenced by a small, gentle peck. A soft, pink blanket covered Leon’s cheeks as he still tried to figure out what exactly just happened. Innocent kisses could easily pull his heart-strings and wash his body with a wave of warmth although, he couldn’t help it but be somewhat bothered by the fact that she was… told to kiss him? It’s such trivial matter yet delivered a fatal blow to his confidence and caused his lips quiver. No, he shouldn’t… he shouldn’t pay any importance to that slip of a tongue, right? Right. The corners of his lips curled and formed a smile as he shoved those negative thoughts regarding possible falsified affection to the back of his mind. Any kind of attention is good enough and could never completely satisfy his hunger. The boy shoved one of his hands into his jeans-pockets and took a step or two forward to minimize the gap between him and her,


    — " ‘t’s no biggie so don’t sweat it, babe! Though I gotta ask… are you gonna serve any second-rounds with that?", a playful chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned slightly in, hoping to squeeze a priceless reaction out of the other.