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altraa whispered:
"K-Kuwata-san," The nurse called out, a bit frantic as she ran up to catch him, a hand resting on his shoulder before quickly retracting. "Ah I... I well uhm... I a-apologize about this, but I was t-told I must kiss you... s-so..." She hesitated, heat rushing to her cheeks before she leaned in, pressing soft kips against the corner of his mouth before stepping back. Way back. Entire face aflame. "S-Sorry."

     ░▒   His vivid-blue eyes widened at the sudden physical-contact and he parted his lips to speak only to be silenced by a small, gentle peck. A soft, pink blanket covered Leon’s cheeks as he still tried to figure out what exactly just happened. Innocent kisses could easily pull his heart-strings and wash his body with a wave of warmth although, he couldn’t help it but be somewhat bothered by the fact that she was… told to kiss him? It’s such trivial matter yet delivered a fatal blow to his confidence and caused his lips quiver. No, he shouldn’t… he shouldn’t pay any importance to that slip of a tongue, right? Right. The corners of his lips curled and formed a smile as he shoved those negative thoughts regarding possible falsified affection to the back of his mind. Any kind of attention is good enough and could never completely satisfy his hunger. The boy shoved one of his hands into his jeans-pockets and took a step or two forward to minimize the gap between him and her,


    — " ‘t’s no biggie so don’t sweat it, babe! Though I gotta ask… are you gonna serve any second-rounds with that?", a playful chuckle escaped his lips as he leaned slightly in, hoping to squeeze a priceless reaction out of the other.


Do I like him or am I just thirsty

     ░▒   Pon pon, wei wei wei, Maizono put that knife AWAY— 


Heavy eyelids creaking open as Jin started to wake from him sleep. For the first few seconds, he tried to blink as much to get rid of the remaining sleepiness he had then wondered where he ended up in this time. With a light pat on the cheek and a heavy yawn, he seemed ready to get up from where he was, but just as he was about to, his body was suddenly hit with a wave of exhaustion and failed to obey what his brain had said.

Wooden bench


Flower Beds


Just with those basic words, he manages to deduct that he’s either in the school gardens or at a park. 

He manages to lull himself back to sleep with the help of the birds’ soft tweeting and the relaxing atmosphere his surroundings had made. 

     ░▒   The atmosphere in the park was so relaxing and refreshing that it itched the fireballer to disturb the peace in the place to no end. Luckily enough, Leon has declared that it shall be the public place that he will practice in with his acoustic guitar so that’s a marvelous excuse to make some noise. The redhead settled down on one of the benches and took his musical instrument out of the gigbag, spending the next couple of minutes by tuning it up. Shortly, his slender digits picked up a popular melody that he most likely practiced times and times before judging by his calm expression which almost promised that he will play it all perfectly.


    Even with his so called natural talent in playing instruments, he still made several slip-ups but quickly covered them all up with the next strum along with his voice to make his mistakes to be more or less unnoticeable. As for his singing? It was low, soft, sweet, and sounded so out of place for a pierced-guy with a loud hair-color. At least, it was odd until he reached to the chorus where his sugar-coated tone turned to be louder and rougher, his singing deformed into something that could’ve been considered as ‘screamo’. And this guys’ screamo game is far from being weak,

          " PONPON 出してしまえばいいの
            WAYWAY あけてあたしの道を
            PONPON 進む色々なこと
            どんどん聞いてる? あなたの気持ち
            POIPOI 捨てる悪い子はだれ

匿名 whispered:
(ノ⊙ω⊙)ノ /butt grab/

     ░▒   Cue high-pitch scream— no, he manages to swallow this one but lets out an embarrassing shriek instead before slapping the anon’s hand away. Learn some manners you people, one does not simply touches the Kuwata ass!


    — "You fuckin’ ASSHOLE! Get your dirty paws at my righteous goodies again an’ I swear that it’s gonna be the LAST arse you’ll ever get to feel up!"

匿名 whispered:
Just wondering, what does !Kaiwa and !Toku stand for? I can't reach the about page or anything, so I'll ask here.
  ☓ [ OUT OF DREAMS ;;


     Oh! Guess I shall note it when I’ll rewrite my pages eventually to not cause any confusion — sorry about that, dove. I’m trying to tidy up my blog a lil’ and stop being a 5 year old who tags her in-character posts as ‘hardcore anal fisting' so,
#!TOKU = Talk; usually one-liners or just random in character entries in other words, my in character tag.
#!KAIWA = Conversation/s; unplanned interactions with various people who reply to my posts or vice-versa. 
#Fun comes and Fungoes = Asks.
#Cracked Baseball Bat
= Crack.
#Post Game = Plotted threads that take place after the High-school life of Mutual Killings, or at least, they do from my Leon’s point of view AKA teenage angst melodrama yada yada. ]


"Feh. You c-can beat me all you want, but that won’t ch…change how stupid you are."

     ░▒   Boy oh boy, that guy got some nerve to mess with the ace-batter. Kudos to him! Such wondrous accomplishment should be rewarded accordingly. Grabbing the collar area of the black gakuran jacket, Leon pulled the brown-haired boy closer and sneered before opening his mouth to speak,

    — "Oh but maybe that’ll make YOU wiser.”

ALBUM TITLE: Turtleneck & Chain
ARTIST: The Lonely Island

  I… guess I should fix Nicole breakfast once she’ll wake up ‘cause that’s what a typical nice guy like me woudda do…